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Advice Matters.

Our media and legal consultants have a keen interest in the media industry, and are able help you to identify, protect, manage and exploit your intellectual assets.

Our in-house lawyers keep abreast with current legal developments and have worked with clients in handling and resolving challenging issues.

Our Legal Support services are outsourced to preferred legal firms depending on client requirements. We do not undertake any Legal Support work directly where jurisdiction prohibits.


Advertising Contracts



Advice on Broadcasting Regulations

Advice on Copyright

Advice on Media Licensing Requirements

Advice on Code of Advertising Practice

Advice on Internet Code of Practice

Domain Name Registration and Disputes

E-commerce Contracts, Website Design & Hosting Agreements

Celebrity Campaign Contracts

Film & Television Production and Financing Agreements

Music & Publishing Agreements

General Litigation & Communication Support

Government Relationship Management

Regulatory Relationship Management

Crisis Management Advice & Support

Risk Management Consulting